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  • ​Let's go over some details:

  • Dr. Anvekar is available by text, email and phone 24/7, even when she is on vacation. She strongly believes that, if your health doesn't run on bank hours, your doctor shouldn't.  This easy access is a unique part of our practice and will keep you healthier as you can get your medical issues treated as they arise so you can quickly get back to work, school and your family.

  • We're open for business. Need to come in? We will get you an appointment within a couple of business days, and when you get here we do our best to keep you off of those waiting room chairs.

  • Preventative health is the cornerstone of our practice. Your insurance company might not pay for a preventative health exam. Solution? That's easy. We do your one-hour preventative health exam anyway and won't charge you for it (lab fees however are billed as usual to you and insurance by the lab).

  • We've got time for you. Our time slots are more than three times the national average. Dr. Anvekar takes the time she needs to learn about you personally, which helps to optimize your health. Then, long after you've left our office, she takes more time to coordinate your care with your specialists and pharmacies. We do our very best to take the hassle out of your health care.

  • How do we do this? Two ways: we maintain a small practice size (about 1/5 of a traditional practice), and we collect a monthly fee of around $100 (14-25) or around $200 (age 26 and up) monthly. This monthly fee is in addition to any co-pays or deductible you may have, and it serves to supplement your insurance company payments so Dr. Anvekar can take her sweet time keeping you healthy instead of booking up to 3 patients in each 15 minute time slot. Seeing a patient every 5-7 minutes all day may be the national average, but it just sounds crazy to us. We wish insurance companies would start to notice that it takes time to get your diagnosis and treatment right the first time which saves them money in the long run, but until that happens we need to collect this monthly fee from you.

  • If you are underinsured, uninsured or have an insurance plan of which we are not providers (HMO, Cigna or MediCal), we collect a flat fee of $40 per visit in addition to the monthly fee.

Ready to Join Us?

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