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Concierge Integrative Medicine

with Alexis Anvekar MD ABIHM

Board Certified in American Board of Internal Medicine
Board Certified Integrative Holistic Medicine
Award Winning Doctor Pasadena

We've lost ourselves. Hippocrates had it right when he said, "let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food."  Today we obtain most of our food from boxes and bags which take up about 75% of the space in most grocery stores.  More and more research articles are showing that our brains are shrinking, our hearts are getting clogged up, and we are developing more cancer due to our poor lifestyle choices.


Enter Integrative Medicine. Some call it a movement. We call it the right way to practice medicine.  Integrative Medicine combines holistic with conventional medicine therapies.  It cherry-picks supplements, educates you on how to reverse disease with diet and exercise, even treats you based on your DNA results to optimize your health on the cellular level. It's truly the best of both worlds.  The National Institute of Health agrees. Click here for more info.


Dr. Alexis Anvekar, double board certified with the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, can help you navigate through the maze of options with a whole person approach to your care. You're going to love this.

This type of medicine takes time. And there you go. That's the cornerstone of our practice--time. Dr. Anvekar spends triple the national average with you at each visit. Our team spends time long after your visit to coordinate your care with your pharmacy, insurance company and other health care providers. And when something comes up on a Friday night? No problem. Just call your doctor. She is available 24/7.

You may even notice that your emergency room and hospital visits decrease because Dr. Anvekar treated you as soon as your symptoms arose, or that your visits to specialists decreased because she spent the time needed to figure out the problem in the first place. We know you're going to love this. We do.

Our testimonials and awards say it all. This is the way to optimize health.


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