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Imagine having a doctor who treats you with the best of both worlds--holistic and conventional medicine. This emerging field is called Integrative Medicine

Now, add her to your list of family contacts because she's available 24/7 for your health concerns.

We are currently fully committed, but please join our Patient Wish List so we can meet you soon.

Backed by forty years of research, Neurofeedback Therapy is a proven method of optimizing your brainwave patterns to restore your brain after a trauma, or to treat conditions such as insomnia, migraines, ADD, depression, anxiety, restless legs syndrome, multiple sclerosis and memory loss.

We are accepting new patients for neurofeedback therapy.

We are committed to helping to improve concussion care in the community. Most concussions can be treated by one's own primary care physician and 85% resolve after one week. For the concussions that persist, please contact us so we can help build your multi-specialty team to get you back on-track and back to life.

Chronic concussion patients do not need to wait on our wait list. 

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