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Your First Step

We can't wait to tell you more about joining our practice. Until we can chat, here's the short scoop:


Dr. Anvekar remains available to you by text, email and phone 24/7. Often a minor issue can be addressed immediately over the phone,  preventing lost time from your work, family and even your precious vacation time. Need to come in for an appointment? Just call us we will get you right in. No more waiting weeks to see your doctor. Our average appointment time is 3 times the national limit to ensure that you get the attention you need to optimize your health with a blend of holistic and conventional treatments.


We see patients aged 14 and up and accept most PPO insurance plans and Medicare.  Don't have those? In that case we collect a small flat fee for your visits.  You are responsible for your co-pays and deductibles per your health insurance plan.  In addition to your co-pays and deductibles, each patient in our practice pays a monthly fee.  This is a fee not covered by insurance.  In addition to increased access to Dr. Anvekar, this fee includes the portions of your annual comprehensive physical examinations (except labs) which are not allowed by insurance. Your preventative health is important; let's focus on it no matter what insurance plan you carry.

Your Second Step

Contact our office via phone or email to join our Patient Wish List. We will call you as soon as we have an opening in our practice. If you have an urgent issue please let us know right away.


We are sorry to ask you to wait, but when you join us, you'll get it--the only way to deliver this type of healthcare is to limit the size of our practice.


We can't wait to meet you!

Your Third Step

Aw, we wish we could complete these forms for you, but trust us you're the best person for this job. 


For your first visit, please click the link below and  bring the completed packet, your insurance card and your drivers license.


 It's doctor-in-the-family time!

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